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Southside Elementary School

Home of the Eagles
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Southside Elementary School

Home of the Eagles

Welcome to Southside Elementary's School Council!!!


    School Council Members

    1. Tonya Bradburn, Principal
    2. Kristi Wise, Administrative Intern
    3. Jalessa Daughtery, Teacher/ Parent
    4. Tiffany Williams, Teacher/ Parent
    5. Marlene Chancey, Partner (Chancey’s Towing)
    6. Marcie Josey, Partner (Chancey’s Towing)
    7. Sheila Warner, Partner (Chancey’s Towing)
    8. Janet Robinson, Partner (Faith Family Life)
    9. Melissa Speight, Partner (Starbucks)
    10. Shannon Childs, Parent
    11. Roger Whitehead, Parent
    12. Andrea Newsome, Parent
    13. Fay Axon, Grandparent
    14. Marie Walker, Grandparent
    15. James Dean, Parent Facilitator


                     School Council Meeting Dates

    October 6, 2015                             February 9, 2016

    December 8, 2015                         May 3, 2016


    • Meetings are held at Soutside Elementary @ 5:00 pm

School Council Agendas and Minutes