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Davidson Fine Arts

Davidson Fine Arts
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Davidson Fine Arts

Davidson Fine Arts
  • Davidson Fine Arts Mission Statement: Excellence in education achieved through a passion for the fine arts.

    Vision Statement: (pending) To prepare students to accept the highest level of rigor in all areas of their future endeavors.


         Carved out of an old Southern cotton warehouse, Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School is a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, a Georgia School of Excellence, and a Grammy Signature School. This vibrant downtown fine arts school, filled with young singers, artists, dancers and musicians, also garners SAT and other standardized test scores that consistently outpace state and national averages. Davidson espouses the philosophy that--just as in the arts--academics require daily practice and fervent attention to detail. Our school’s seamless integration of the fine arts and academic studies has won Davidson a ranking amongst the top five high schools in Georgia, and the top 100 high schools in the nation.
         Respecting our rich history yet moving our learners into the 21st century, Davidson has specific goals that promote global awareness and communication skills. Our teachers participate in vertical planning to ensure that students are exposed to increasingly challenging communication lessons with a high level of rigor and relevance. Teachers stimulate critical thinking and decision-making skills through higher order questioning, self-directed activities, and through the use of other current best practices. Technology is consistently and effectively used to enrich and enhance cross-curricular learning. This learning ultimately manifests itself in confident, self-directed, lifelong learners and leaders.
         Davidson's culturally diverse setting necessitates and fosters the understanding and appreciation of people from different cultures and backgrounds. Our students have a deep understanding, appreciation, and respect for others. Not by accident, our students intrinsically care for themselves and others. This diversity is also found in our wide range of programs and productions we offer to the community. Our greater Augusta community looks to Davidson as a primary example of the integrated diversity that we would hope to see in the world around us.


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